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雅思写作中我们会遇到各种话题,要求我们用明确的观点来定位文章基调,需要我们掌握各种类型的词汇。无忧考网为您整理了100个观点词汇及替换表达,供您参考。   1.持某观点:claim   contend, deem, reckon, assert, share the belief that   2.支持某观点: advocate   maintain, vote for, side with, be in favor of   3.反对某观点: contradict   criticize, be against, cast doubts on   4.合理的:justified   sensible, feasible, convincing, persuasive, rational, practicable, logical, wise, sagacious, viable, preferable, advisable, appropriate, bear much analysis   5.好处:advantage   benefit, merit, positive side, upside, boon, pros   6.弊端:disadvantage   defect, demerit, negative side, downside, flaw, drawback, cons   7.肯定:undoubtedly   indeed, undeniably, there is no denying that   8.不确定:be likely to   potentially presumably   9.重要的:essential   significant, vital, crucial, critical, fundamental, indispensable   10.有益的:beneficial   conducive, instrumental   11.有害的:detrimental   harmful, virulent   12.有争议的:controversial   disputable, contentious   13.普遍的:widespread   prevalent, universal   14.显著地:considerably   significantly, remarkably, dramatically, tremendously, substantially   1癫痫大发作的处理5.明显的:evident   apparent, manifest   16.增强:enhance   strengthen, boost   17.减少:decline   descend, collapse, relieve   18.大约:approximately   nearly, around, estimated,roughly   19.趋势:trend   tendency, inclination   20.预见:predict   expect, project   21.带来:bring about   result in, lead to   22.产生,引起:create   spark, yield, give rise to   23.建立:establish   found, institute   24.要求:call for   request, demand   25.去除:eliminate   remove, eradicate   26.探讨:explore   examine, identify   27.表明,描绘:indicate   depict, portray, illustrate   28.满足…需求:meet the need of   satisfy the requirement of, cater for the demand of   29.足够:adequate   enough, sufficient   30.解决:tackle   resolve, address   31.意识:awareness   consciousness   32.控制:curb   regulate, censor   33.解释:account for   be responsible for, be attributed to   34.投资:finance   invest in, subsidize   35.缓解:relieve   ease, alleviate   36.压力:stress   pressure, strain   37.遵循:observe   follow, conform to   38.继承:inherit   hand down, carry forward   39.培养:cultivate   train, foster   40.促进:promote   contribute to, upgrade   41.适应:adap癫痫最佳治疗方法t to   adjust to, acclimate to   42.提供:provide   render, afford   43.替代:replace   substitute, take the place of   44.保护:preserve   protect, safeguard   45.证据:evidence   proof   46.赢得:gain   acquire, attain   47.国外的:foreign   alien, exotic   48.重视:attach importance to   emphasis, highlight   49.发展:advance   development, progress   50.倾向于:tend to   be inclined to, be apt to   51.吸引:attract   allure, tempt   52.专注的:be absorbed in   be immersed in, devote oneself to   53.目的是:aim at   The purpose is   54.实现:achieve   fulfill, implement   55.危害:endanger   threaten; jeopardize   56.损害:undermine   impair, damage   57.阻碍:hinder   obstruct, impede   58.禁止:forbid   ban, prohibit   59.责备:blame   denounce, criticize   60.污染:pollute   contaminate, stain   61.腐蚀:erode   wear away, corrode   62.欺骗:deceive   cheat, defraud   63.冲突:conflict   shock, tension   64.驱使:prompt   spur, incite   65.贪婪的:acquisitive   money-oriented, materialistic   66.自私的:self-centered   selfish, inconsiderate   67.体谅的:considerate   understanding, sympathetic   68.冷漠的:indifferent   apathetic, aloof   69.奢侈的:w小儿癫痫病哪里治疗好asteful   luxurious, extravagant   70.残忍的:inhumane   brutal, barbaric   71.绝望的:hopeless   despairing, desperate   72.过分的:excessive   extravagant, exorbitant   73.激烈的:intense   fierce, vigorous   74.严厉的:stringent   rigorous, rigid   75.与…相关:be related to   be associated with, be linked to   76.难以置信的:unbelievable   incredulous, virtual   77.惊人的:extraordinary   marvelous, spectacular   78.有抱负的:ambitious   aggressive, aspirant   79.固有的:inherent   nature, innate   80.稳定的:steady   stable, constant   81.恶化:worsen   aggravate, deteriorate   82.夸大:exaggerate   overstate   83.限制:restrain   constrain, confine   84.拆除:tear down   knock down, pull down   85.加速:accelerate   speed up, precipitate   86.占优势:predominate   dominate   87.分辨:distinguish   differentiate, discern   88.抵消:counteract   offset, cancel out   89.开展:launch   conduct, carry out   90.承担:assume   shoulder, accept   91.颁布, 制定:enact   enforce, promulgate, map out   92.影响:influence   impact, pervade   93.差异:difference   distinction, gap   94.交流:communicate   exchange, associate   95.接触:have access to   make contact wi治疗癫痫病的费用会不会很高?th, keep in touch with   96.优先:give priority to   put…into first place   97.节约:economize   conserve, cherish   98.面临:be faced with   be confronted with   99.措施:measure   step, action   100.注意:beware   prevent, guard against













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